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Literary scholar and cultural critic specializing in modern Greek culture, classical reception, civic ethics and democratic politics, tragedy and the tragic, and word/poetry and music.


In Progress
The Tragedy of Revolution: Revolution as Hubris in Modern Tragedy (book-length work)
The Tragic Idea (Duckworth), commissioned for the Inter/Sections series, edited by Paul Cartledge (Cambridge) and Susanna Braund (Stanford)
Ethical Politics [a collection of ten original papers], guest-edited special issue (95: 4) of the journal South Atlantic Quarterly (Duke University Press)

Download as PDF Introduction: Approaches to Ethical Politics
Download as PDF Nomoscopic Analysis
The Rise of Eurocentrism: Anatomy of Interpretation (Princeton University Press)
The Humanities as Social Technology [a collection of six original papers, co-edited with Eugene Holland], special issue (No. 53) of the journal October: Art/Theory/Criticism/Politics (The MIT Press)

Download as PDF Introduction
Literature as National Institution: Studies in the Politics of Modern Greek Criticism (Princeton University Press)
Twentieth-Century Literary Theory: An Introductory Anthology [a Reader, co-edited with David Neal Miller, in the series "Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory," eds. Rodolphe Gasché - Mark C. Taylor] (Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press)

Download as PDF Introduction
The Text and its Margins: Post-Structuralist Approaches to Twentieth-Century Greek Literature [a collection of ten original papers, co-edited with Margaret Alexiou] (New York: Pella)

Download as PDF Preface and Toward a Genealogy of Modern Greek Literature



Epimetro: I poiisi os diarkes gignesthai” [Afterword: Poetry as Ongoing Becoming] Download as PDF
I krisi tis poiisis kai i melancholia tis Aristeras” [The Crisis of Poetry and the Melancholy of the Left], Ta poiitika 26 (June): 1–7 Download as PDF
Apo tin aristeri melancholia stin anarchiki apognosi” [From Left Melancholy to Anarchist Despair], Simeioseis 80 (July): 63-6 Download as PDF
Daniel Mendelsohn: O kritikos stoxasmos tou anthropou ton grammaton” [Daniel Mendelsohn: Critical Reflections of a Man of Letters], The Athens Review of Books 58 (January): 10-11 Download as PDF
Ena themeliods poiema enantion olon ton themelion” [A fundamental poem against all foundations], Avgi [Greek daily], August 15 Download as PDF
Τραγωδία και αυτονομία,” in Θόδωρος Γραματάς και Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος, eds.: Τραγικό και τραγωδία στην εποχή της παγκοσμιοποίησης (Αthens: Diadrasi), 390-409 Download as PDF
Gia enan enallaktiko kanona tis neoteris ellinikis poiisis” [For an alternative canon of modern Greek literature], Poiitiki 3 (Spring-Summer): 51-7 Download as PDF
To taxidi tou Ellina dianooumenou stin Ameriki” [Greek Intellectuals Travel to America], an epilogue in the reprint of the book-length essay Dokimio yia tin Ameriki [1954] by Yiorgos Theotokas (Athens: Estia 2009), 237-57 Download as PDF
I apostoli tis poiisis se epoches istorikis ittas” [The mission of poetry in times of historical defeat], Simeioseis 64 (January): 65-71 Download as PDF
To phenomeno ‘Kavafis’” [The phenomenon ‘Cavafy,’] To Dendhro 145-46 (November –January): 101-4 Download as PDF
To philosophein meta to thanato tis philosophias” [Philosophizing after the death of philosophy], Simeioseis 61 (June): 3-13 Download as PDF
I logotechnia meta ti neoterikotita” [=Literature after modernity], Porphyras 107-10 (October-December) 444-46 Download as PDF
I epikairotita tis diasporas” [=Diaspora today], To Dendhro 125-26 (Summer 2003): 93-96 Download as PDF
O thriamvos tis ellinikis philologias” [= The triumph of Greek philology], To Dendhro (Athens) 119-120 (July-September): 41-46 Download as PDF
Methoriaki logotechnia kai kritiki” [= Border literature and criticism], in Sygxroni elliniki pezographia: Diethneis prosanatolismoi kai diastavroseis, edited by Angeliki Spyropoulou and Theodora Tsibouki (Athens: Alexandreia 2002): 57-68 Download as PDF
I ermineis tis diasporas” [=The Interpreters of/in the Diaspora], Chartis (Athens) 12 (September): 728-44 Download as PDF
‘A nai, mavia’: Mia anagnosi tou Kavaphi” [=A Reading of Cavafy], To Dendhro (Athens) 34-35 (May): 629-32 Download as PDF
Peri anagnoseos” [= On Reading], Chartis (Athens) 5/6 (April): 658-68 Download as PDF
It's only Rock ’n’ Roll” [a series of articles on the philosophy of pop culture], Chartis (Athens) 1 (July 1982): 98-99; 2 (September 1982): 229-30; 4 (January 1983): 488-89; 7 (May 1983): 102-103 Download as PDF
In Memoriam Roman Jakobson” [an obituary], Chartis (Athens) 3 (November): 265 Download as PDF
Pros Hyperaspisi tis Rhetorikis” [= A Defense of Rhetoric], Chartis (Athens) 1 (July): 112-14 Download as PDF
Peri Hermeneias” [=Of Interpretation], Simioseis (Athens) 20 (February): 43-66 [on literary hermeneutics] Download as PDF
I Piisi tou N.G. Pentziki” [=The Poetry of N.G. Pentzikis], in Neoteriki Piites tou Mesopolemou [=Greek Poetry between the Two Wars], edited by A. Argyriou, 168-171 (Athens: Sokolis) Download as PDF
To Mythistorima os Opera” [=Novel as Opera], Tram (Thessaloniki) 11-12 (March): 460-461 [on Jules Vernes’ fiction] Download as PDF
Aporrox” [=Fragmentary], Simioseis (Athens) 17 (June): 26-30 [on the Romantic notion of the Fragment] Download as PDF
To Himona i Persephone” [=Persephone in Winter], Simioseis (Athens) 16 (December): 63-72 [on Post-Modernism] Download as PDF
Introduction to Jevgeny Zamjatin's novel We (Athens: Plethro), 7-11 Download as PDF
I Kritiki ke i Krisi” [=Criticism and Crisis], Tomes (Athens) 7 (December): 45-46 [on Formalist criticism] Download as PDF


“Left Melancholy in the Greek Poetry Generation of the 2000s after the Crisis of Revolution and Representation,” invited Occasional Paper #10, Journal of Modern Greek Studies (June), online Download as PDF
“Eugene O’Neil’s Quest for Greek Tragedy,” in Kathryn Bosher, Fiona Macintosh, Justine McConnell, and Patrice Rankine, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas (Oxford University Press), 211-29 Download as PDF
“Why I am not a Postsecularist,” boundary 2 40:1 (Spring): 77-80 Download as PDF
“Farewell to the Revolution!” in Vangelis Calotychos, ed.: Manolis Anagnostakis: Poetry and Politics, Silence and Agency in Post-War Greece (Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press), 115-30 Download as PDF
“Greek Chorus in 09,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 28: 2 (Fall): 277-83 Download as PDF
“Unbuilding the Acropolis in Greek Literature,” in Susan Stephens and Phiroze Vasunia, eds.: Classics and National Cultures (Oxford University Press), 182-98 Download as PDF
“Afterword: The Future of the Past Received,” Cultural Critique 74 (Winter): 214-17 (special issue on “Classical Reception and the Political”) Download as PDF
“Governance, Hubris, and Justice in Modern Tragedy,” Thesis Eleven 93 (May): 22-35 Download as PDF
“The Rehearsal of Antiquity in Post-modern Greek Fiction,” in Dimitris Plantzos and Dimitris Damaskos, eds.: A Singular Antiquity: Archaeology and Hellenic Identity in Twentieth-Century Greece (Athens: Benaki Museum), 163-71 Download as PDF
“Humanism between Hubris and Heroism,” in Mina Karavanta and Nina Morgan, eds.: Humanism and the Global Hybrid (Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing), 158-73 Download as PDF
“Stumbling over the ‘Boundary Stone of Greek Philosophy’: Two Centuries of Translating the Anaximander Fragment,” in Festschrift for John P. Kozyris (Athens: Ant. N. Sakkoulas), 193-210 Download as PDF
“Tragedy and Counter-Politics,” Thesis Eleven 80 (February): 38-46 Download as PDF
“The Greeks of Art and the Greeks of History,” Modern Greek Studies Journal of Australia & New Zealand 11-12: 66-74 Download as PDF
“Must We Keep Talking about ‘the Balkans’?” in Dimitris Tziovas, ed.: Greece and the Balkans: Identities, Perceptions and Cultural Encounters since the Enlightenment (Oxford: Ashgate), 265-70 Download as PDF
“Classics in Performance,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 20: 2 (Fall): 191-213 Download as PDF
“Syncretism as Mixture and as Method,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 19: 2 (Spring): 221-35 Download as PDF
“On the Notion of the Tragedy of Culture,” in Johann P. Arnason & Peter Murphy, eds.: Agon, Logos, Polis: The Greek Achievement and its Aftermath (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag), 233-55 Download as PDF
“An Ethico-Political Portrait of the Greek Imagination,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 16: 2 (October): 349-56 Download as PDF
“Greek Ethnography in the Age of Ethical Formalism,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 16: 1 (May): 189-90 Download as PDF
“Building Diaspora,” Crossings: A Counter-Disciplinary Journal of Philosophical, Cultural, Historical, and Literary Studies (Binghamton, NY) 1: 2 (Fall): 19-26 Download as PDF
“Modern Greek Studies in the Age of Ethnography,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 15: 2 (October): 197-208 Download as PDF
“Justice and Good Governance: Solon's Eunomia Elegy,” Thesis Eleven (London) 49 (May): 1-30 Download as PDF
“Introduction: Approaches to Ethical Politics,” South Atlantic Quarterly (Durham, NC) 95: 4 (Fall): 849-54 Download as PDF
“Nomoscopic Analysis,” South Atlantic Quarterly (Durham, NC) 95: 4 (Fall): 855-79 Download as PDF
“The Rule of Justice,” Thesis Eleven (Melbourne) 40: 1-24 Download as PDF
“The Hebraic and Hellenic Models in the Western Literary Canon: The Case of Erich Auerbach,” Edebiyat: Journal of Middle East Literary Studies NS (London) 4: 63-86 Download as PDF
“Introduction” (with Eugene Holland), October (Cambridge, MA) 53 (Summer): 3-10 Download as PDF
“A Didactic Proposal,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Baltimore) 8: 1 (May): 81-84 Download as PDF
“Modern Greek Studies at the Crossroads: The Paradigm Shift from Empiricism to Skepticism” and “Reply” [to four responses], Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Baltimore) 7: 1 (May): 1-39 and 59-64 Download as PDF
“Violence and the Liberal Imagination: The Representation of Hellenism in Matthew Arnold,” in Nancy Armstrong - Leonard Tennenhouse, eds.: The Violence of Representation: Literature and the History of Violence (London: Routledge), 171-93 Download as PDF
“The Aesthetic Ideology of the Greek Quest for Identity,” Journal of Modern Hellenism (New York) 4: 19-24 Download as PDF
“Introduction” (with David Neal Miller), in Twentieth-Century Literary Theory: An Introductory Anthology [a Reader, co-edited with David Neal Miller, in the series “Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory,” eds. Rodolphe Gasché - Mark C. Taylor] (Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press), ix-xvii Download as PDF
“Polis, Semiotics, Politics,” American Journal of Semiotics (Bloomington, IN) 4:1-2, 43-51 Download as PDF
“Encountering the Epistemological Challenge, or Beyond Humanism: The Discourses of Contemporary Greek Criticism and the Languages of Theory,” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (Birmingham, England) 9: 225-246 Download as PDF
“Dionysios Solomos and the Fictions of Criticism: Polylas's ‘Prolegomena’ as Künstlerroman,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Baltimore) 3:1 (May): 29-43 Download as PDF
“The Sin of the Sign: The Rhetoric of Moral Violence,” Semiotica (special issue on “The Rhetoric of Violence”) 54:1-2, 201-221 Download as PDF
“Preface” (with Margaret Alexiou) and “Toward a Genealogy of Modern Greek Literature,” in The Text and its Margins: Post-Structuralist Approaches to Twentieth-Century Greek Literature [a collection of ten original papers, co-edited with Margaret Alexiou] (New York: Pella), 7-13, 15-36 Download as PDF
“Resisting on: The Power of Knowledge and the Knowledge of Power,” Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora (New York) 10:3 (Fall): 65-69 Download as PDF
“The Violent Power of Knowledge: The Struggle of Discourses for Power over C.P. Cavafy's ‘Young Men of Sidon, A.D. 400’,” Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora (New York), 10:1-2 (Spring): 149-66 Download as PDF



“I kyria Panikou” (Michel Fais: Lady Cortisol), Eleftheria toy typou, June 11 Download as PDF
“Η επιμέλεια εαυτού ως μέλος και μελέτη” (co-authored with Pantelis Polychronidis), (Δημήτρη Μητρόπουλου: Αυτοβιογραφικά), Athens Review of Books 2:22 (October): 8-11 Download as PDF
“Oi dexiotechnes tis ermineias kai oi solistes tis taftotitas” (Michel Fais: Porfyra gelia), Athens Review of Books 2:13 (December): 26-7 Download as PDF
“Rizospastiki dimokratia: Oi epanastatikes aparches kai oi vaseis tou dimokratikou politevmatos,” Athens Review of Books 1:2 (December): 30-31 Download as PDF
“Anne Carson: Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera, (de)kata (Athens) 9 (Spring)): 164-65 Download as PDF
“Stephanos Rozanis: Pharmakeia, Tram (Thessaloniki) 5 (May): 415-416 Download as PDF
“Dionysis Savvopoulos: Ta loya ap'ta tragoudia, Tram (Thessaloniki) 4 (March): 315-320 Download as PDF
“Stephanos Rozanis: To Demoniako Hypsisto, Diavazo (Athens) 3-4 (October): 106-107 Download as PDF
“Vassilis Steriades: Dick o Chlomos, Tomes (Athens) 5 (October): 52-53 Download as PDF


“Neoliberal Austerity and Left Melancholy,” Michigan Quarterly Review 57:1 (Winter): 141-49 Download as PDF
“Aamir Mufti: Forget English!,” boundary 2 (September) (online review essay) Download as PDF
“Theodoros Chiotis, ed.: Futures, & Dinos Siotis, ed.: Crisis,” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 34: 2 (October): 404-8 Download as PDF
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“Titos Patrikios: The Lions’ Gate,” World Literature Today 81: 5 (Norman, OK): 72-3 Download as PDF
“Nanos Valaoritis & Thanasis Maskaleris, eds.: Modern Greek Poetry: An Anthology,” Modern Greek Studies Yearbook 18/19 (2002/2003): 390-92 Download as PDF
“Athena Leoussi: Nationalism and Classicism: The Classical Body as National Symbol in Nineteenth-Century England and France (1998),” International Journal of the Classical Tradition 7:2 (Fall): 304-7 Download as PDF
“Yannis Patilis: Camel of Darkness, Selected Poems (1970-1990),” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 16: 1 (May): 149-52 Download as PDF
“An Ethico-Political Portrait of the Greek Imagination” [review of Portrait of a Greek Imagination: An Ethnographic Biography of Andreas Nenedakis by Michael Herzfeld], Journal of Modern Greek Studies 16: 2 (October): 349-56 Download as PDF
“Roderick Beaton: An Introduction to Modern Greek Literature,” World Literature Today (Winter): 136 Download as PDF
“Verbal Revolution” [review of The Imaginary Puritan: Literature, Intellectual Labor, and the Origins of Personal Life by Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse], Novel 27: 3 (Spring): 312-14 Download as PDF
“Stratis Myrivilis: Vasilis Arvanitis,” Modern Greek Studies Yearbook (Minneapolis) 2: 366-67 Download as PDF

Occasional Pieces

“Teaching ‘Greek American Culture,’” The American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF) Policy Journal 7 (Spring) Download as PDF
“Basso ostinato” (co-authored with Pantelis Polychronidis), catalogue of the installation Monotony by Medea Electronique art company, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens Download as PDF
O ‘Ellin zografos’ os rolos,” 1000-word essay in Anagnoseis, the Sunday literary supplement of the Greek daily Avgi (February 21) Download as PDF
Rizospastiki dimokratia: Oi epanastatikes aparches kai oi vaseis tou dimokratikou politevmatos,” Athens Review of Books 1:2 (December): 30-31 Download as PDF
I proodos ton Neoellinikon Spoudon stin Ameriki,” 1000-word essay in Anagnoseis, the Sunday literary supplement of the Greek daily Avgi (April 26): 33 Download as PDF
O thanatos tou syggrafea kai i afypnisi tou anagnosti,” 900-word essay in Anagnoseis, the Sunday literary supplement of Avgi (September 21): 36 Download as PDF
I dynamiki ton Neoellinikon Spoudon stin Ameriki,” 2500-word essay in Vivliothiki, the weekly literary supplement of the Greek daily Eleftherotypia (July 18): 18-21 Download as PDF
(An) Mia einai I ousia, den yparchei theoria,” 1000-word essay in Anagnoseis, the weekly literary supplement of the Greek daily Avgi (June 8): 52 Download as PDF
———, reprinted in the collection Kostas Voulgaris, ed.: Theoria, Logotechnia, Aristera (Athens: To perasma), 219-23 Download as PDF
“Crossing Postcolonial Borders,” Ithaca 9 (May-June): 8-10 Download as PDF
“What is so 'Modern' about Modern Greek?” Humanities Exchange (Ohio State University College of Humanities newsletter), Spring (500 words) Download as PDF
To tetarto synedrio Neoellinikon Spoudon tou Ohio,” To Vima, December 25 (600 words) Download as PDF
Ellinolatreia kai Ellinophovia,” To Vima, November 27 (2000 words) Download as PDF
I polis ton ideon,” To Vima (Greek daily), September 18 (600 words) Download as PDF
Ellinismos aneph ethnous,” To Vima (Greek daily), July 10 (900 words) Download as PDF


Chief Editor of the seven-volume Apanda [=Collected Works] of the Greek woman novelist Melpo Axioti (1905-1973):

  1. Dhiskoles Nychtes (Athens: Kedhros, 1981)
  2. Thelete na chorepsome, Maria? (Athens: Kedhros, 1981)
  3. Chronika (Athens: Kedhros, 1980)
  4. Eikostos Aionas (Athens: Kedhros, 1982)
  5. Mia Katagraphi stin Periochi tis Logotechnias (Athens: Kedhros, 1983)
  6. Syndrofi, Kalimera! (Athens: Kedhros, 1983)
  7. To Spiti mou (Athens: Kedhros, 1986)
Literary Editor, I Proti Metapolemiki Genia [= Greek Poetry after the War: The First Generation], edited by A. Argyriou (Athens: Sokolis)
Literary Editor, Neoteriki Piites tou Mesopolemou [= Greek Poetry between the Two Wars], edited by A. Argyriou (Athens: Sokolis)




Vassilis Lambropoulos is the C. P. Cavafy Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. He was a Professor of Modern Greek at the University of Michigan (1999-2018) and The Ohio State University (1981-99) where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Modern Greek language, literature, criticism, and culture, as well as literary theory and comparative literature. A native of Athens, Lambropoulos received his B.A. from the University of Athens and his Ph.D. from the University of Thessaloniki. His main research interests are modern Greek culture; classical reception and the classic; civic ethics and democratic politics; tragedy and the tragic; word/poetry and music. His authored books are Literature as National Institution (1988), The Rise of Eurocentrism (1993), and The Tragic Idea (2006). He co-edited the volumes The Text and Its Margins (1985) and Twentieth-Century Literary Theory (1987) and two special issues of academic journals on "The Humanities as Social Technology" (October, 1990) and "Ethical Politics" (South Atlantic Quarterly, 1996). He has been publishing papers, essays, articles, reviews, and translations in journals, periodicals, and newspapers. He has been serving on the editorial board of several international journals. He explores the notion of revolution as hubris in modern tragedy in the site-in-progress The Tragedy of Revolution and he blogs on music, literature, friends, and resistance at Piano Poetry Pantelis Politics.

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